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ABA Principles

ABA principles focus on increasing language & communication skills through understanding root behavior.

Differentiated learning

Our well-trained staff is ready to create programs that adapt learning styles to fit your child’s needs.

Therapist support

In addition to learning from their homeroom teacher, students work every day 1:1 with a trained ABA therapist.

Our curriculum is backed by years of research

Using direct instruction, we use Connecting Math Concepts and Reading Mastery for elementary-aged children.

Connecting Math Concepts introduces ideas gradually and teaches students the connections between concepts. Focusing on the big ideas of mathematics, Connecting Math Concepts teaches explicit strategies that enable students to master difficult ideas such as ratios, proportions, probability, functions, and data. (McGraw Hill, 2020)

Reading Mastery Signature Edition uses the highly explicit, systematic approach of Direct Instruction to accelerate reading and help students achieve a high rate of success. Three strands address Reading, Language Arts, and Literature through a common instructional design that helps students learn more efficiently. With the addition of technology-based resources for both additional practice and professional development, Reading Mastery Signature Edition helps teachers optimize each minute spent in the classroom. (McGraw Hill, 2020)

Every student will follow a customized plan

We recognize that every child’s learning style and motivation are different. Because of this, every child follows a customized curriculum and treatment plan. Positive behavior supports are utilized to ensure each child is motivated and excited to learn.

Enrollment is open and students are accepted year-round based on age group and availability.

Funding is available to help

Carson Smith Scholarship

Autism Solutions Academy is a Carson Smith-approved school. Our students are able to apply for funding through the Carson Smith Scholarship Fund. The Carson Smith Scholarship is a Utah scholarship that provides tuition assistance for special education students in public and private schools for children ages preschool through 12th grade.

To qualify for the scholarship, the student’s legal guardian or parents must be a Utah resident and must have a letter of enrollment from Autism Solutions Academy.

The Children's First Fund

The Children’s First Fund is a private scholarship fund awarded to those that meet the income requirements. The student’s parent or legal guardian must reside in the state of Utah, and the student must have a recent evaluation to be eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

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